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2011 Fifth Annual BBT Art Seminar

Only 15 Seats available. All seats FREE to qualified applicants.


Seminar Dates: October 28th, 2011 to November 17th, 2011

Seminar Location: Vrndavana-dhama, India

BBT Special Projects is establishing this exceptional annual event where you’ll have the chance for association with fellow devotional artists, paint in the holy dhama and learn techniques and training Srila Prabhupada gave BBT artists. Dhriti dasi and Ramdasa Abhirama dasa, well known BBT artists, will be again teaching this year’s seminar. Don’t miss this chance to cultivate your devotional art.

Why you should be there:

  • Associate with senior Prabhupada disciples trained in art to his standards
  • Learn new techniques
  • Further imbibe the devotional mood of painting spiritual subjects
  • Learn Srila Prabhupada’s instructions about painting
  • Learn the procedures gleaned from the BBT art department to complete work
  • Special opportunity to paint Krishna in Vrndavana-dhama

Deadline for applications: August 31, 2011

Register at


This seminar free to 15 applicants who meet our qualification standards. You will be expected to arrange for your travel, accommodations and meals in Vrndavana.

Paints and canvasses will be provided. You should bring your own portable easels and brushes and are welcome to bring your own paints.

Dhriti dasi will be painting during the seminar.

Each student will be painting a Radha-Krsna scene of their choosing in oils on canvas. You will decide on the scene you will paint prior to the seminar *and* will bring with you photographic (and/or other) references you will use during the seminar to complete the painting. No one is expected to fully complete their painting during the seminar.

Prequalification Process:

  1. Submit an electronic portfolio*. Point out to us which paintings in the portfolio have been published and where it was published (if any were published).
  2. Decide on the scene you would like to paint during the seminar (Radha-Krsna). Submit two or three simple sketches of the proposed scene. Submit pictures of the sketches, by email, along with your electronic portfolio, following the instructions below about submitting your electronic portfolio.
  3. Write a statement about yourself, your devotional interests and how you see your career in devotional art. Specify if you have experience in working with oils on canvass.
  4. Write a statement about why you should be chosen for this seminar.
  5. Submit your written statements and electronic portfolio to Art Seminar.

NOTE: Please take care in following these instructions so your application can be processed correctly. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you!

*Electronic portfolio means scans of your art, sent by email. The scans should be 72dpi, visible on a computer screen, and should be not more than 500kbs in size. We suggest you send 5 to 15 pieces of your art.

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